The Great Consolidation - Entertainment Weekly Migration Case Study, the digital site for Entertainment Weekly and a top entertainment news site, is in the final stages of migrating from Vignette 6 CMS and 10 different WordPress blogs to a single unified platform built on Drupal 7. Join the primary Four Kitchens engineers on the project as we discuss the process, starting with discovery all the way through launch preparation.

Challenges include:

  • Migrating close to 170,000 posts, 475,000 terms, 280,000 images into Drupal without spilling a drop
  • Separating overloaded freeform tags into specific vocabularies and creative works
  • Maintaining a high performance backend and frontend with multiple distributed caching layers
  • Coordinating a distributed team across multiple continents
  • Enforcing best practices, code quality and standards
  • High speed integrations with an existing and complex advertising system
  • Porting legacy, non-standard code and maintaining functional parity

We’ll also discuss:

  • Development environments using unified Virtual Machines
  • Custom Drupal distributions used across multiple in-house groups for different projects
  • Promoting open-source culture in a commercial environment
  • Deployment and cutover strategies


Intermediate Drupal

Skill Level: 




E09: Business
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